I Wanted A Change But Didn’t Know What It Would Look Like

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Have you wanted a career change but didn’t know what it would look like?

Educators and therapists commonly tell me how much they value making a difference in kids’ lives but are so bogged down by paperwork and state standards that they are thinking about quitting.

Why do we feel so unfulfilled on one hand when, on the other hand, our work with children is super important?!

Every child professional wants to feel valued…and have freedom…and KNOW that we’re in the right environment with the right tools to make a difference.

Do you ever struggle to fall asleep at night because something isn’t quite right with a child you’re working with?

In 2011 I went to bed with a broken heart — not from problems with a significant other — but over problems with a family I was doing Speech Therapy with.

Julia, 11 years old and mostly nonverbal, had Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Every two weeks Julia and I had a home-based speech therapy session where we would jump on a huge trampoline, blow bubbles, and wrestle indoors on a carpeted floor.

Only then would we do speech and language activities.

This wasn’t traditional speech therapy, rather it was a whole-family and whole-child approach where the sensory-based activities that included Mom and Siblings allowed them to make a bigger impact on Julia’s ability to connect when I wasn’t there.

Every time I showed up at the house my feelings of excitement grew because Julia was becoming verbal. She would use 4-5 word sentences to request continued play, such as, “I want more jump please.”

Whole-family and whole-child speech therapy were bringing out the gifts Julia had inside all along — finally, she could access them!

Until our fifth session…

…when I arrived and Mom sat me down on the couch.

She said, “Samantha I see how your approach is helping Julia speak but I need to be honest with you. I love her and want to continue seeing her grow and connect with us but I don’t want to do the work in between sessions. I know helping me become skilled is the goal of your program but I prefer hiring someone else who can do the work for me.”

I did my best not to cry as I said goodbye to Julia and walked out the door, wondering if Julia would ever connect to her full potential.

Fast forward to bedtime when I’m alone, crying with my hand over my aching chest because I was heartbroken at my inability to truly make a difference.

I thought:

  • “I must be in the wrong field.”
  • “I have to believe there are parents out there who WANT to do this deeper work.”
  • “I need guidance on who I need to become!”

The very next morning I woke up and had an email in my inbox with the subject line: Become a Certified Parent Coach.

I had never heard of parent coaching before.

Without thinking, I clicked on the link and registered to go through the training and my entire career changed!!!

I learned new tools to help parents understand their children and become motivated to change their own behavior — I felt Valuable.

I got to work directly with parents without state standards or paperwork — I felt Free.

Parent coaching was rewarding because I saw changes in how families connected. Every. Single. Day. — I knew I was making a difference!

Does this sound like something YOU have been searching for?

If the thought of “giving up” has been on your mind I want to encourage you — don’t give up!

Your talent of naturally understanding and loving children is totally needed in our world!

I love talking to professionals about what they love about their jobs and the difference they want to make in the world so I offer free Career Goals Convos.

These sessions help you get clear about your best next step and together we can decide if my online Certified Parent Coach program is a good fit.

  • You CAN use your gifts of helping children.
  • You CAN find freedom in starting your own side hustle as a parent coach (or make it your main career, like me!).
  • You CAN move outside of the traditional education and medical system and work with parents more directly without the burden of paperwork or state standards.
  • You CAN feel fulfilled by working hands-on with families and develop close, personal connections with mega trust and vulnerability.

So if you’ve been wanting a change but didn’t know what it could look like I hope you take me up on this offer. Schedule your complimentary Career Goals Session with me now.

Utilize your hard-earned skills of connecting with children to help parents effectively create peaceful relationships at home.

Oh! And learn to become your own boss as a parent coach so you have the freedom and energy to spend time with your own family!

The Mad2Glad Parent Coach Certification program has open registration only two times per year and right now is one of them, so connect with me today to set up your free Career Goals Session.

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    Thank you.
    This was the article that came right on time to “kickstart” me to really assess and analyze my career!

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