I’m So Overwhelmed I Can’t See Straight

Are you so overwhelmed that you can’t even see straight?

Wondering HOW to get out of the turmoil?

Stressed out

Everyone gets caught up in the daily grind but when you have a child who is disrespectful and demanding, the everyday stress pushes you to a breaking point.

So what is a parent to do?

Watch today’s Mad2GladTM parenting tip here for specific advice on how to break free from the storm.

Looking at the bigger picture restores your sense of trust for something greater than yourself and your everyday situation.  Choosing to show up for your life lessons with grace, flexibility, and a willingness to learn can shift you out of turmoil and into a more trusting state of being.

Now, how about you?  What is the lesson you’re learning right now given your current circumstances?  
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