Clean up your toys.  What color is your shirt?  Food is for eating not playing.  No, don’t put my phone in the toilet!

Incessant talking (I bet you thought I was talking about your child!) can irritate our kids’ nerves – the same exact nerves that make up the nervous system – and cause them to feel disconnected and punchy.  Now, who wants to play nice or enjoy a special outing when their auditory system is constantly getting bombarded with language?  Not our kids!

As you prepare for your relaxing Labor Day stay-cation or out of town holiday keep the directions and commands to a minimum.  Instead, tell your young child two or three things to pack and stay quiet as she does it.  When you talk a little less it models what you desire her to do – talk a little less.  It allows her auditory system to take a break so her bright mind can practice skills of memory recall, imagination and/or simple stillness.  Plus, it allows you to use one of my favorite behavior-calming strategies that I call “save your breath.”

Want to provide even more opportunity for integration of your child’s brain and her senses?  Listen to audio with environmental sounds such as rain, birds and water or rhythmic music with a defined beat such as chants, ethnic music and gentle drumming.  If you’re going camping or lounging by the water draw your child’s attention to the crackle of the camp fire and the rhythmic flow of the water.

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