Experience Peaceful, Joyful Parenting in 2019 
Featuring the Mad2Glad Blueprint™ With Live Q&A Calls AND our Holiday Special "Gift-a-Friend"
Discover positive parenting tools to calm intense behavior and make family life fun.
Do you wish parenting was more fun?
Have you tried everything and still your kids don’t listen?

Just because you have an INTENSE or STRONG-WILLED child does not mean you have to suffer.
As a parent, you’ve read books and been given advice by teachers, doctors, and specialists but nothing seems to work. 

Your child is unique in their intensity. They may or may not have a diagnosis of Sensory Issues, Autism, ODD, ADHD, etc. but one thing is for sure…your child has BIG emotions and a very difficult time calming themselves down.

If your child negotiates with you, tries to control everything, and turns simple instructions into a battle it’s likely you have an Intense Child and need a proven parenting program, rooted in neuroscience, to transform their challenging behavior and create peace at home.

The Mad2Glad Blueprint is the most comprehensive, practical parent training program designed to bring peace and joy to families raising an intense child. 

  • You want:
  • To get out the door on time, without a fight.
  •  Your child to EASILY LISTEN, without threats, bribes, or yelling. 
  • EFFECTIVE and practical behavior strategies that WORK.
  •  CONFIDENCE in knowing that you’re raising your child in a healthy environment.

In Mad2Glad’s program -- Experience Peaceful, Joyful Parenting in 2019 – you will get: 

        • Eight, 1-hour video modules that guide you step-by-step to learn to:

               1. Calm the Fire
               2. Avoid Hidden Landmines
               3. Shift Intense Brains to Have More “Happy Chemicals”
               4. Get First Time Listening
               5. Confidently Enforce Positive Discipline
               6. Coach Through the Big Emotions
               7. Optimize Daily Routines
               8. Resolve Sibling Conflict
                                                 Full program description here.  ($297 value)

      • 127-page workbook with detailed notes on every concept ($100 value)
      • Exclusive access to our Mad2Glad Parents-only Facebook group 
            (can’t put a price on being in a community of parents who experience the exact same challenges as you!)

BONUS: THREE Live Group Q&A Sessions for customized support and accountability, with Samantha Moe, founder of Mad2Glad ($450 value)

BONUS: Holiday Gift-a-Friend! Give the gift of family harmony to a friend this season and gain an accountability partner as you navigate the Mad2Glad Blueprint. Add your friend for only $97 at registration.

All this is priced so that you don’t have to rack
your brain trying to choose at just $297.
Act fast, this offer will expire on January 2, 2019.

About Samantha Moe

Samantha Moe, M.A., started her career as a Speech Language Pathologist with a passion to unlock the gifts of children with Autism. Since then, she has used her strong background in direct services to families to create a step-by-step parenting approach called the Mad2Glad Blueprint. Samantha coaches parents of all types of children to dramatically reduce defiance and disrespect and re-establish confidence and authority. She also offers a Parent Coaching Certification program that equips industry professionals with the tools and resources they need to transform their clients’ lives and find joy in their work. Samantha's vision is to bring peace and enjoyment to families around the world and for kids to experience the childhood they deserve.
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