If you went by what your child says, you’d think “nothing” ever happens at school and that everything’s “fine.” Does getting to the heart of school day events make you grind your teeth, take give-me-patience breathes and end in you throwing up your hands in surrender? Follow these tips for an easy, daily school wrap session.

Keep it short, but focused

[list style=”list-img2″]set aside 15 minutes every afternoon or evening to review the school day[/list] [list style=”list-img2″]use a timer and let your kid be in charge of pushing the start button[/list] [list style=”list-img2″]let them know that they have your undivided attention for that period of time, and then give it[/list]

But what if you need to address challenging behaviors? Think of your school review time as a nutritious dose of family interaction. When discussing your child’s school behavior frame the day’s events in a conversational “sandwich.”

[list style=”list-img2″]first ask about something good that happened[/list] [list style=”list-img2″]then ask about something that was difficult[/list] [list style=”list-img2″]end on another success, no matter how small it may be[/list]

This well-balanced conversation, helps your child understand that there is more to his day (and more to him!) than “bad.”
And remember, if your child has challenging behaviors at school, setting a timer is a nice way to indicate that there is an end to “problem” talk. This will make him a more willing participant.

You’ll find that once you’ve established this “Happy Family” routine, that school is “fine,” but a lot happens, and most of it is good!

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