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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine fall is the season of the lung, the season for “letting go.”  It’s a good time of year to rid the house of excess toys and store seasonal clothes that you won’t be needing for awhile.  If you feel the urge to clean things out and de-clutter give yourself the time and permission to do so as it’s a great exercise in simplifying life.

And as you de-clutter your external environment you may find yourself de-cluttering your internal environment.  Old thoughts and beliefs about parenting and yourself may arise so give yourself the time and permission to recognize these and then let them go as well.  Acknowledging emotions and having forgiveness for yourself, the parent, is a powerful gift as it creates a sense of peace and internal calm, which you then carryover into the precious interactions you have with your child.

Does this process sound familiar?  It should – we practice acknowledging children’s emotions to help them feel safe and loved – and adults deserve the same compassionate treatment.  A good affirmation to practice is, “I love and forgive myself completely” while cleaning house, both internally and externally.

Here’s a little blast from the past, titled “Acknowledge Emotions to Tackle Tantrums” https://mad2glad.com/?p=583

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