Maintaining Family Rules Over The Holidays

The last thing you need as you’re gearing up for busy family gatherings is additional worry about how you’re going to calm your child’s wild energy in front of Grandma and Grandpa…

…or anxiety about how to talk to the grandparents so they remember that YOU’RE THE PARENT and their job is to support you, not take over the role of disciplinarian.

If you’re familiar with Mad2Glad’s Positive Discipline Protocol you feel confident that you have an approach that works in your home but also in the car and around town.

But when you add relatives’ “house rules” and personalities into the mix your confidence may become muddled because your child doesn’t understand why Cousin Amy can eat dinner with toys at the table and Joe can stay up as late as he wants.

You’ve worked so hard to establish your Family Rules, how do you keep from losing ground over the holidays?

Listen in to one of our past “Parenting Q&A” calls to learn how to keep calm amid the hustle and bustle.

4 Tips to Maintain Family Rules Over the Holidays:
1. Review your Family Rules before the outing, event, or social gathering

2. Engage your child in conversation – refrain from just instructing or bossing them around

3. Prepare: “WHAT DO YOU THINK will happen if you break one of our family’s rules at your cousin’s house?”

4. Reflect: “I WONDER WHY our family takes breaks and your cousin doesn’t…?”

By reviewing the rules ahead of time, you are taking a proactive approach and are setting your children (and family!) up for success. A little preparation ahead of time makes for more enjoyment, relaxation, and fun later!

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