Managing Fear and Trauma As A Foster Parent

By January 13, 2016 Mindful Parenting 2 Comments

Does it ever feel impossible to manage your own fear and trauma as a parent?  How about those same feelings and challenges that come up for your child?

Dr. John DeGarmo is the leading expert in the foster care field and currently has eight children at home.  Adding to his already-full plate he travels as a speaker, is the author of several books, including The Foster Parenting Manual, is a writer for the Huffington Post, and hosts a weekly radio show called The Parent Factor with Dr. John.

Watch this week’s Mad2Glad Guest Interview video as we explore:

  • What to do when nothing eases a child’s anxiety
  • How to keep going when you are weary and burnt out
  • Specific ways to reaffirm love to an anxious/angry/emotionally traumatized child

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When you have a child who rejects your love it’s critical to continue offering it anyway.  Don’t let your own fear, anger, and anxiety get in the way of providing this essential component to healing and trust.

Now, I’d love to hear from you!  What do you do or say to keep your fear at bay and faith that “it’s gonna be ok” alive?

Looking for more strategies on how to parent an angry child?  Listen as we turn-the-tables and Dr John interviews me on his radio show


  • Tim Yaotome says:

    Knowing that one should still give love to a foster child even if they reject it, it reminded me of my aunt. Since she and her husband are unable to produce children, they want to adopt kids as part of their goals as a couple. To help them, I will help by finding the nearest center to teach them about how to become foster parents. Doing this will not only help them know whether they are ready for adoption but also be able to take care of them as a family as well.

    • Samantha Moe says:

      Yes! There are so many great adoption support groups to help educate parents and set them and their kids up for success.

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