logo the wake up callHelping Kids Become Happy And Calm (Length 43:16)

Do you ever wish you had a Super Nanny to tell you how to raise calmer, happier kids who actually listen to you?
Learn from a real-life Parenting Coach, Samantha Moe
why your child is demanding and intense and what you can do so home feels more peaceful.

Radio Show imageListen to our conversation on how to parent an angry child on his radio show

The Parent Factor here (Length 30:00)

Whether your child is biological or is welcomed into  your home from a different one, once “anger” enters into the picture it’s never easy to know how to parent. Recently, leading foster care expert, Dr. John DeGarmo and I had a conversation on how to parent an angry child on his radio show, The Parent Factor. What I respect about Dr. John is his dedication to foster children, their parents, and how he creates awareness on what it takes to ensure connection and belonging.  He leaves footprints of love in so many ways!

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Two Facts Behind Frustrated Families and How to Restore Harmony

Are you ever confused about how you became an angry parent when you were never an angry person?
If you’re a stressed-out parent who wonders, “How did I get here?” you want to know the two facts behind
frustrated families so you can restore harmony at home.
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