Mindful Parenting: a strategy to finally stop doing too much

Do you ever wish someone else would do the hard work of parenting, business, and life for you?

I do.  

Last year I hired a marketing team to take work off my plate and I imagined myself skipping through the woods by my house with loads of free time and zero worries.  Being an idealist is super fun until you hit a bump in the path and your head quickly meets the ground.

Why is it that we think we can bypass the hard work of growth?  And that is what life is – a growth opportunity.  Every.  Single.  Day.

What I gained in free time I lost in connection.  

Have you ever found that to be true?  Maybe when your child first started daycare or school and you began missing their face, their curiosity and voice.  Or perhaps you gave up a volunteer position and then felt lonely because there were fewer people to create a sense of belonging in your life.

One of our basic human needs – after nourishment and safety – is connection.

And because our goal here at Mad2Glad is to give you effective tools for bringing more peace and enjoyment into your home I’m sharing a strategy that reconnects you to your personal joy.  Read on.

If you’re tired of just “cranking it out” in parenting or life create a “Stop Doing List.”  Here’s how:

  1. Write down everything you dislike doing or that makes you feel disconnected from your joy, authenticity and positivity.
  2. Circle 3 items that would free you up to be a happier version of who you are now.  This list is yours so be honest and if you don’t know how to free yourself up quite yet that’s ok.  Write it down anyway.
  3. Brainstorm a way to Stop Doing those 3 items but don’t go it alone.  Talk to friends, your partner, or even inside yourself – – – give it a week or so and a solution will arise if you’re really committed.  You may find yourself opening up to getting help, delegating, gently easing away or quitting cold turkey.

Bob Newhart has a great skit from years ago that mimics a therapy setting and two key words his clients can overcome struggles.  If you want a laugh I recommend checking out Bob Newhart’s skit here on Youtube.

I’d love to hear from you now…

what three items are at the top of your “Stop Doing” list?  Leave a comment below.

If you need someone to process with, someone who understands that life is hard but that by doing the work you receive the gift of connection we’re here for you.  Schedule a private conversation with Samantha Moe today.

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