Are you tired of feeling stressed out and exhausted?

Do you feel overwhelmed, wishing you knew the “right thing” to do?

As a smart, intentional parent, I know you have done everything you can think of to improve your child’s behavior. You’ve read books and blogs, attended seminars, and talked to the Doctors, Therapists and Teachers. Yet in this process of searching and investing time, energy and money it seems like nobody’s advice actually works for YOUR child.

IMG_4333That’s where my fresh approach to parenting comes in! When you have an intense, strong-willed, or spirited child, traditional parenting techniques don’t work. This is because your child’s brain is wired to test and see if they can “win.” It’s like there’s a Little Scientist in their brain with an artillery of tactics to try and wear you down and get their way. You are not failing, traditional methods are failing you and your child!

My approach is based on the understanding that intense children have a brain with an over-active “Fight or Flight” stress response. This means their brain is flooded with stress chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol, which causes them to over-react, misbehave and seek control. The flood of chemicals and escalating behaviors create a “fire in the brain,” making it difficult (or impossible!) for your child to exhibit self-control. My mission is to change your home from chaos to calm by teaching YOU cutting-edge strategies to help “put out the fire.” I take into account the intricacies of your child, considering their emotional, behavioral, and sensory needs. From there, I offer step-by-step guidance through programs designed to help your family’s unique needs.

Children offer us an opportunity to grow and learn, both as parents and as individuals. I believe you deserve to enjoy parenting, and feel amazingly fulfilled in this role. Diagnoses or “labels” don’t have to destroy your well-being, your marriage, or your family. You can feel empowered and confident rather than feeling like a victim to the circumstances.

Working with Samantha helped me move from feeling powerless to empowered. I now know how to handle situations that arise with my daughter and feel proactive rather than reactive. My whole family is grateful.Kim B.

How will you know if this is a “good fit?”

You will benefit from my programs if you:

  • Resonate with an emotional approach that focuses on reconnecting with your child
  • Feel like the joys of parenting are masked by stress and tension
  • Respect programs that are backed by science
  • Believe your child has gifts that are overshadowed by challenging behaviors
  • Finally accept your child isn’t going to “outgrow this
  • Want your child, yourself, and family to feel happier
  • Are ready to work with the best and find a solution that really works

Restore your sanity, rediscover calm, and redefine your family dynamics with a ground-breaking approach that calms challenging behaviors and reconnects families.

Are you ready for less stress and more peace at home?

Parent coaching gives you:

  • Relief from guilt and frustration
  • Greater confidence
  • Less stress
  • More peace at home

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