My Child With Anxiety No Longer Rules The Household

Do you have a spirited child who is anxious and struggles with sensory issues?

If you enrolled your child in play therapy and/or occupational therapy but didn’t notice a change in the day-to-day interactions at home you’ll be able to relate to this week’s “Relief” story-sharer, Kari.

Tantrums, power struggles, and judgment from family and strangers pushed her to wits’ end.  She told her husband, “If this doesn’t work…I give up!”

Learn how their family went from “everything revolving around our daughter’s mood” (and impacting their youngest child negatively), to strengthening their bond, building trust, and regaining hope for their future.

Does Kari’s story sound familiar?  Do you wish you had a plan for calming your child and helping them develop self-control?  There IS a Blueprint for intense children.  

Find out if our Mad2Glad Blueprint is right for your family.  Book your private parenting consultation with Samantha today!

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