It’s time to Take Back Your Life!

Don’t tough-it-out, waiting until your child turns 18 and leaves
the house to feel happy again.

with individualized parent coaching.

Do you share these frustrations?

  • I’m smart, tuned-in and intentional…so why can’t I figure this out?
  • I’ve become an angry parent when I was never an angry person!
  • I work full-time and it seems I never have enough help.
  • I’m going insane!
  • The strain on my marriage is almost too much to handle.
  • Therapy hasn’t worked.

Mad2Glad™  parent coaching is a one-on-one program that goes above and beyond “how” to parent.  In only 8 parent coaching sessions you’ll learn how to be the best version of yourself so that you feel proud of who you are as an individual and a parent.  You’ll receive step-by-step guidance through a self-discovery process that will show you exactly what to change in your parenting to relieve stress and yelling, and feel confident once again.  Included in this program is complimentary access to The Mad2Glad BlueprintTM so you quickly fill your parenting toolbox while refilling your emotional bucket.  

Watch Kari and Eli as they share what was needed to shift from
“totally out of control” to confident and re-connected.

What parents have to say about the Mad2Glad™ Parent Coaching Program:

  • Samantha knew what I needed even when I didn’t have words to express it.
  • This program showed me more than what to “do” to parent my challenging child, it showed me how to “BE.”
  • My “aha” moment was when I truly realized that I don’t have to be unhappy just because my child is.
  • Before coaching I felt overwhelmed and “in over my head.” Now, life feels simpler and less stressful.  Plus, now that I’m calmer I notice my child is, too!
  • Samantha, I love your parenting strategies but your one-on-one coaching is a miracle.  I used to be constantly irritated but now I LIKE my life and everyone in it.

Defiance, stubbornness, and high anxiety behaviors?

Learn how Jackie was able to shift these into rule-following and relaxation.

Customized attention, support, and accountability sounds like something I want!

How does it work?

  1. Schedule a Clarity Builder Consultation™ to share your family’s story, what you’re looking for, and together we’ll decide if we’re a good fit.
  2. Your initial 8 parent coaching sessions will typically be spaced two weeks apart, and may be with or without your co-parent.

Ready to Restore your Sanity and Reclaim your Happiness?

The Mad2Glad™ parent coaching program is for you if you have a busy schedule, don’t want to waste anymore time trying to piece together a parenting plan from books and seminars, and are ready to be guided step-by-step in making the positive changes you’ve been talking about.


Parent coaching gives you:

  • Relief from guilt and frustration
  • Greater confidence
  • Less stress
  • More peace at home

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