Parents Change When They Let Go Of Fear


Did you know that parents who resist change may be stuck in fearful-thinking mode?

It’s common for professionals who work with children to quietly judge how a parent is–or isn’t–responding to a situation.

What if we were all on the same page? What if we all started talking WITH parents about their underlying narrative in less-than-stellar situations?

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If all caring professionals did this, we would likely hear versions of these worry thoughts:

  • How do I get this behavior to stop?
  • What will the future hold if I can’t get my kid to listen?
  • Who is criticizing me?
  • IS it my fault?

It takes a community to help strong-willed and intense children learn better emotional coping skills.  

Let’s remember to check our human—but NOT helpful—criticisms at the door.  

When you shift to a loving, nonjudgmental state it transforms parents.  And allows them to access their wisdom.  And change.

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