Prevent unwanted behavior through the 5 Love Languages

By November 19, 2019 Mindful Parenting 2 Comments

Do you want to create positive, memorable interactions this holiday season?

The irony of this time of year is that you put in a lot of time to create meaningful experiences

Yet children tend to have more unwanted behaviors…primarily because your time and focus are otherwise occupied [creating cool things for them.  I get it. The paradox continues!]

Instead of growing to a point of frustration, resentment, or an emotional unraveling, consider addressing your child’s love language needs. 

Get specific ideas on how you can meet your child’s love language needs in this video.

The 5 Love Languages, developed by Dr. Gary Chapman, is a wonderful and simple way to fill your child’s tank.

Stave off unwanted behavior by helping your child FEEL seen, and enjoy the extra time you get to spend together!

Read more on how to help children develop a sense of gratitude using the 5 Love Languages here.



  • Tamara says:

    This is SOO important in all relationships. The pastor at our church tuned us into Dr. Chapman’s love languages. Given this awareness we can act in more purposeful, meaningful ways to honor those we love. Thank YOU Samantha for giving us ideas to fill the “emotional tanks” of children.

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