Redefining ADHD: How to Handle the Gifts and Challenges Associated with ADHD


These are just a few of the many negative words associated with an ADHD diagnosis. And if you’re a parent that has a child with ADHD, you know how scary the labels associated with the diagnosis can sound. 

Yes, there are some unfavorable behaviors that come with ADHD.

Yes, you may run into more challenges if you have a child with ADHD.

And yes, you are going to have to help your child find solutions to cope with the behaviors that stem from having ADHD.

It’s all true.

But you know what else is true? There’s an entire side of an ADHD diagnosis that parents tend to forget to acknowledge while they are focusing on the negative side effects. The positive side says your child with ADHD is more likely to…

  • Handle crisis better because kids with ADHD tend to produce more theta waves—gateway waves to learning and memory—in their brains compared to other kids.
  • Be more creative than other children, once again, due to producing increased numbers of theta waves that stimulate vivid imagery, intuition, and information beyond the normal conscious awareness in the brain.
  • Have superior problem-solving skills that other neurotypical children don’t have. This helps kids with ADHD come up with strategies on how to solve problems, such as “What do I do if my dog escapes from my yard?” or “What adult do I need to contact in case of an emergency?”
  • Be more intuitive/empathetic as the ADHD brain has an overload of sensory input, allowing your child to sense how you and others are feeling.
  • Have the capability to hyperfocus on tasks, such as solving puzzles or completing assignments.

Pretty neat, right?

These amazing kiddos are equipped with what I consider to be superpowers. It’s quite fascinating!

While I like to hold true to the idea that kids with ADHD have amazing super-abilities, I know it’s also important to address the challenging behaviors that may be associated with your child’s uniqueness.

To help you handle the challenges of ADHD so you can instead focus on the superpowers your child has that also come with this diagnosis, I encourage you to check the following articles I’ve put together.

Use these tips, and you’ll be able to establish a happy and peaceful environment that empowers your kid and his or her unique gifts.  

The #1 Key to Help Children with ADHD Follow Directions

Children with ADHD tend to struggle with following directions when they’re told the…first time…second time…third time…and beyond!

If you ever thought, “I love my child, but I don’t know what to DO to get her to follow directions,” you are in the right place.

Children with ADHD and other “extra needs” have intense brain chemistry, meaning the upstairs portion of the brain responsible for paying attention is hijacked. (Children with autism, sensory processing disorder, and giftedness have similar neural wiring).

When the upstairs brain is hijacked, it places you in one of the most annoying positions of child-rearing. As the behavior police, you find yourself constantly telling her what to do and when to do it.

The worst part is that you know SHE KNOWS what to do, but she just won’t do it!

Whether your child suffers from hyper-focus, distractibility, or a strong need to control, the solution is always the same—calming the “fire” in her downstairs brain so she can access the upstairs brain that helps her pay attention.

Read the rest of this post here. 

The Worst Label for a Child Is Not ADHD or Autism

Have you ever had to make a decision to get your child tested to see if something’s “wrong?” It can be troubling because, on one hand, you want your child to receive extra support, but, on the other, you don’t want a label that may limit how others see your kid.

Today I want to draw your attention to the worst label you can give your child, and I’m not talking about ADHD or ASD. It’s a label that inhibits positive growth, self-esteem, and how your child fits into your family.

Learn what that label is by watching this video, AND, if you find yourself falling into this trap, you’ll also receive 3 ideas to rescue yourself and your child.

Click here to watch the video. 

Aside from giving you information from the articles above, I want to take it a step further and invite you to the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit.

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This summit will give you all the tools, resources, and information you need to help you and your child…

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  • Manage your ADHD household with less stress.
  • Take that first step to stop procrastinating—and GET THINGS DONE!
  • Understand why ADHD is suddenly too much to handle.
  • Become aware of negative thoughts, and tap into ADHD’s unique strengths.
  • Find resources where you can get more support and community involvement.

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