Rub the crabbies out

Remember Raffi’s song that tells us to “Shake – shake – shake your sillies out?!”

Children who crash into you for hugs, bash into the couch to get settled and bump around like a bull in a china shop need more proprioceptive input to calm their internal state, that’s why they’re unconsciously seeking it.  If your child’s brain is saying MORE let him help you around the house so that his body gets what his nervous system seeks.

Here are some ideas: carry out the heavy garbage, push the vacuum, move the recliner so you can dust behind it.  Let him help you do anything that involves rubbing.  With fingers spread wide open and a rag in his hand have him push his body weight into the window as he rubs it clean.  Same for the car you just washed out in the driveway that needs to be toweled off.  True, too, for the spill in the carpet that needs scrubbing get out.

Help him return to a balanced emotional state and develop a sense of autonomy by doing useful activities.  His assistance will help you return to a balanced emotional state, too, when the chores are done and you can relax together in a clean house!

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