School Behavior Chart Causing Anxiety?

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Is the behavior chart used in your child’s classroom a source of anxiety?

If your child takes feedback pretty seriously, to the point where they get stuck on what’s wrong with them and can’t recognize good, it’s important to develop their greater awareness.

Watch this week’s Mad2Glad Parenting Tip for 3 Strategies to Shift Anxiety To Positive Awareness.

Get clear on what “bad” colors mean and what “good” colors mean.  After talking about what was “bad” be sure to probe for at least one “good” part of the day.

  1. Acknowledge the anxiety / anger / fear.  Say, “I can see that sometimes you feel scared about the ‘bad’ color…and you know what?…even if you got that every day I will love you anyway!”
  2. Recognize that this is important to your child.  Say, “I know you work hard to have good behavior at school.  What matters to me is that you try.  I know that’s important to you, too.”

Remember, these parenting strategies of what to DO are important…and equally important is the way you show up, or how you BE, during these sensitive conversations.  

Be thoughtful about the space you create so your child sees you as a loving parent and not just the behavior police.  

Thanks, as always, for watching and reading.  I’ll catch you next time for your Mad2Glad Parenting Tip of the Week.

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