Does the long winter break fill you with dread? All that unscheduled time, no routines to fall back on and the endless wails of, “Mom, I’m bored!” Take this time to shift your perspective, notice the little things, and transform how you manage your children’s behavior.

Remember when your child was first born and every yawn, coo and burp she emitted caused you to look across the room at your partner and smile with a “did you just see/hear that?!” look in your eyes? Now that she’s grown, let her wit, cute little jigs and stories cause you to respond in the same way. Make sure she catches you doing it by scooping her up into extra big hugs and telling her how much you love her along with heartfelt appreciation. She’ll get an extra dose of happy chemicals, which will flood his body with such intensity that he won’t seek it through negative behavior.

You’ll be surprised how happily the break goes by when you’re focused on the little delightful things your child does, every day.

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