Shifting Sibling Rivalry To Love and Respect

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Are you tired of your kids fighting all the time?  Do you ever wish they could do more than just “handle situations” and demonstrate a loving respect?

When you have a child who is demanding, inflexible and impulsive it becomes the perfect cocktail for sibling rivalry.  

Watch this week’s Mad2Glad Parenting Tip for 3 Steps To Squash Sibling Rivalry

Children can learn to handle stressful sibling situations on their own but they need skill training to develop this gift.  Follow these steps:

3 Steps To Squash Sibling Rivalry

  1. Teach them to state their feeling. E.g., “Stop it!  That makes me mad.”
  2. Teach them to give their sibling a chance to fix it.  E.g., “You have one chance to fix this / make it better.”
  3. Teach them to ask for help and offer the same solution each time.  E.g., “In our family we treat each other nicely.  I guess you’ll have to play separately for 10 minutes.”

When you carve out the time to train your children by offering kindness lessons and how to “speak up” without exploding it increases self-awareness, personal control and flexibility.

I’d love to hear from you now…

what works in your home when it comes to resolving sibling rivalry?  

Contrary to what you may have heard or even believed at one point, in order for siblings to treat each other respectfully they “simply” need more discipline.

However, more discipline won’t help them develop self-control, which is essential for peaceful relationship dynamics.

What is truly needed – essential, even – is to identify the missing pieces to your child’s lack of self-control and a step-by-step plan to close the gap.  

Join our Mad2Glad Blueprint community of parents who have discovered the 8 core pillars necessary for Children to Develop Self-Control.

This tested, proven, and efficient approach can work to squash sibling rivalry in your family, EVEN IF you have already tried everything.

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