Solo mom of 3 – high needs and trauma – creates PEACE at home

By February 26, 2019 Relief Story, Trauma 2 Comments

Being a solo mom of three children is naturally chaotic…

…add in high needs — trauma — play therapy appointments — Occupational Therapy sessions — and daytime trips for interruptions at school and the experience of a solo mom becomes one of survival.

Bridget shares her story of sitting in a waiting room and her first thoughts when spotting the Mad2Glad Parent Coaching flier.  

As Bridget reads about this parent-focused resource teaches step by step tools to bring calm into their homes, and her child with a trauma background completes another weekly therapy session, she thinks about their everyday struggles:

  • My child manipulates; I can’t keep up
  • Huge reactions take all my energy and I resort to yelling
  • I can’t parent the way I know I’m “SUPPOSED” to

Watch Bridget’s solo parenting story here:

When you are a smart, intentional parent who makes the effort to get your child the help they need but your home is still filled with STRESS you need parenting tools that are EASY and EFFECTIVE, QUICKLY.

What would it feel like if you could get our child to school without yelling?  Spend QUALITY TIME together because you WANT TO and it’s actually fun?!

We love helping families follow simple parenting steps to eliminate yelling, enjoy evenings together and teach children to sleep in their own beds.

If you want a stable and safe home environment for yourself and your children with HIGH NEEDS or TRAUMA our Mad2Glad Blueprint was designed for you!  POSITIVE, SIMPLE parenting tools to calm intense behavior and make family life more fun.

Gain instant access to our 8-week online program here, or schedule a private consultation to learn about customized parent coaching here.

Our 6-month PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION program starts in May!  Read about the upcoming group here.


  • Bonnie says:

    I have a friend – a single mom of an autistic 10-yr- old and 2-yr-old twins – and this sounds like her life! I wish she could have this valuable parenting advice, but she most likely would say she can’t fit in any other appointments. I try to help (and share the wisdom I received from you!), but in the end it has to be her choice to make changes. Thank you, Samantha!

    • Samantha Moe says:

      You’re right Bonnie. Our journeys can be so difficult that in certain moments we can’t do anything but survive. Keep on being a good friend, patient and compassionate. She’ll get through this and I, or someone else, will be avail to support her if she decides to reach out.

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