Spring Clean Your Parenting Approach

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Spring is a natural time to “clean house” and simplify so you have more energy to enjoy the hot summer that is just around the corner.

In my house we are literally cleaning house by hiring help to get things in order, but what does this mean for your parenting?

It means getting rid of strategies that aren’t working so you don’t have to work so hard.  

When you learn the 8 Pillars of Parenting necessary to elicit cooperation, calm, and harmony from your child ADHD, SPD, or Autism it becomes clear what to let go of and what to do instead.

Parents who implement strategies from our Mad2Glad Blueprint often excitedly return to a coaching session and say,

“Getting cooperation is now ridiculously simple.  Why didn’t I think of this stuff myself?!”

Evaluate which 8 Pillars you can use this Spring, here on the blog.

After watching the video, pick 2 of the 8 Pillars below.  When you identify these use them to “clean house” and simplify your parenting approach this Spring.

  1. Don’t Match Fire With Fire (more here)
  2. Avoid The Hidden Landmines (download free report here)
  3. Flood The Brain With Happy Chemicals (idea here)
  4. Use Red Light Parenting so your actions match your words (example here)
  5. Implement Discipline That Motivates (more here)
  6. Defuse The Emotional Bomb (more here)
  7. Create Daily Routines (bedtime idea here)
  8. Integrate by getting on the same page (more here)

Do you want to know more about the 8 Pillars of The Mad2Glad Blueprint?  Simplify your parenting and become expert at creating a peaceful home.  

Join hundreds of parents in the program and save 20%.  Learn all about it here: https://www.mad2glad.com/blueprint/

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Now I’d love to hear from you.  

What 2 parenting pillars can you focus on this Spring to achieve more cooperation and happiness?  AND, what can you let go of since it isn’t working with your intense child anyway?  Leave a comment below.


  • Bonnie Rocke says:

    Thanks for periodic reminders! I’m spring cleaning as I get ready for a graduation party and know I need to revamp some default parenting behaviors. I thought I was calm as I told the youngest to put his baseball gear in the car, a few minutes later asked if he had done it, and then instructed him to get moving and do it so we wouldn’t be late. He got upset, saying, “I didn’t hear you say that” and “you could at least be nice!” Now, I know one default behavior for me is to yell from one room to the other what the child should do as I try to get a couple of other things done. I know another default behavior is to always expect kids to know what I mean. As I think about revamping what I’m doing, I realize I need to take a little time to go to the kids, make sure I have their attention, and calmly explain until they do understand and can confirm what they’re supposed to do. So I came up with this acronym that I can post to help me remember…
    Stay calm – body, face, voice
    Meet them where they are, don’t yell for them to come
    Attention – look them in the eyes
    Remember they’re kids, expect kid-sized tasks
    Tell them what to do, don’t ask
    Stay close until they obey

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