Step-by-Step Parenting Tips for Children with Trauma

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Mom hugger her young son

Trauma can be a big, nebulous topic so it doesn’t surprise me that parenting a child with trauma becomes overwhelming, fast!

It can feel like the road to healing is never-ending, sometimes scary, and definitely exhausting at times.  

Here’s what mom, B.G., shared about her parenting children with trauma journey….

I am a solo mother of three and two of my children live with trauma symptoms. Through different therapies I had been taught different parenting strategies but due to the constant explosive and impulsive behavior from my oldest child it was really difficult to implement these parenting strategies on a consistent basis. Samantha described my child in a way no one had described her before and helped me to understand that her behaviors were not completely her choices. Instead, they were the way her brain was wired and there is a way to change that. The tools I have gained in this program have helped me feel confident. Now I feel involved and present with my kids as well as involved and present in my own life’s journey.

B.G. learned the Mad2Glad Blueprint to put practical, step-by-step parenting tools into everyday use that effectively shifted family stress to peace and enjoyment.  You can, too.

To spark a ray of hope in your parenting journey today we are sharing the recording of a recent Mad2Glad class.  You’ll learn about:

  • “Fire in the brain” and how you may accidentally be perpetuating it,
  • The popular “Red Light Parenting” technique so kids learn listening is REQUIRED, not optional,
  • A soothing strategy you can employ when your child melts down in public

Listen to the Mad2Glad Parenting Trauma class here:

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.”

~Albert Schweitzer

If you need a spark to light up your parenting journey simply email relief@mad2glad.com to schedule a private consultation.

P.S. You’re gonna receive super practical parenting tips from the recorded class and, quite possibly, want more!  The full 8-week series is available for immediate access here.

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