Stop Interrupting Me On The Phone!

Does it drive you crazy when your child interrupts you during a phone call?

If so, you’ll love today’s Mad2Glad parenting tip because you’ll receive a concrete strategy, for both an older child and a younger child, that will help you eliminate this bothersome behavior.

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I’d love to hear from you…

What is your experience with phone interruptions? Do you have a strategy that works? If so, please leave a comment below.


  • Sarah says:

    Thank you, Samantha. My 4 year old just starting interrupting our conversations and it’s never been an issue before. Her older sisters are good about waiting their turn, so it was kind of a surprise. I’m going to start doing this. Thank you!

  • Suz says:

    I love this tip. I work on the phone quite a bit and I have had to help my children understand I cannnot give them attention when I am on with a client. My method was similar but I also debrief with them after the call if they try to interrupt me to remind them of how we handle things while I am on the phone.

    • Samantha says:

      Wonderful, Suz. Debriefing afterwards and preparing ahead of time are great ways to ensure it sinks in.

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