Strategies to Get Both Mom and Dad on Board with Discipline

From bedtime routines to daily meal schedules, kids thrive on consistency.

It is so important for young minds to know what to expect as they go through their day. In fact, the way kids explore (and test us!) is so rooted in their development that we call this the Little Scientist in the brain.

Without consistency, daily routines can easily turn into chaos as the Little Scientist pokes around to see what he or she can get away with.

Most parents do a great job of establishing consistent routines for activities like getting ready for school in the morning, family meals, and going to bed at night.

Want to know the primary area where consistency tends to be lacking?  Discipline. 

The number one reason for this consistency problem is that moms and dads are oftentimes not on the same page. And when discipline routines are inconsistent, behavioral chaos is certain to ensue.

Is discipline an area that you and your partner struggle with?

If your answer is yes, you’re in the right place.

Here are 4 Strategies to Get Mom and Dad on the Same Page with Discipline:

  1. Communicate Regularly with Your Partner – In order to get on the same page, you obviously need to communicate on a regular basis. I suggest a daily check-in that is scheduled at a time that feels easy (sometimes it’s a quick phone call over lunch).  Ask each other, “What did you do well as a parent today?” and “What was a challenge from the last day that you need my help in finding a solution for?”
  2. Create a Discipline Plan Together – Schedule a sit-down time where you can both be “present” and talk about what consequences you believe are appropriate for bad behavior. When you and your partner agree on the consequences, it makes it easier for both parties to enforce the rules.
  3. Eliminate “Good Cop / Bad Cop” Parenting from Your Household – It’s not fair for one parent to always be the disciplinarian. It’s important for children to know that both of you  will enforce the rules of the house so neither one has to be the “bad guy.”
  4. Discuss the Obstacles that May Hold You Back from Enforcing the Plan before Putting It into Action – We already know that parents often disagree over what form of discipline should be used to correct their child’s behavior.  Should we use Time-In or Time-Out?  Is yelling helpful or hurtful?  Differing perspectives create a loophole for the Little Scientist to manipulate so they get away with bad behavior because that’s its job… to “win.” Be honest about what you are comfortable with and why, and then put a plan together that you can both agree on before you discipline.

If you’re looking for information on the best way to discipline your child, I recommend both you and your partner check out my Mad2Glad Discipline Protocol.

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A combination of Time-Out and Time-In is the best way to help children develop self-control.  Plus, we’re advocates for drawing out a child’s gifts so you can trust that this online training gives you the step-by-step solution to nurture his or her unique spirit, not squash it.

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