Looking for a way to keep the peace in your home this summer? Avoiding temper tantrums will help you and your family stay on track and make summer fun a whole lot simpler.

You know that feeling, when your child puts up a fight and refuses to put down the video game controller on a gorgeous summer day? The sun is beaming, birds are chirping, and yet even the beautiful weather isn’t enough to persuade your little guy to exchange the controller for his swim trunks. You’re tied up with fixing lunch, rotating loads of laundry, and thinking to yourself how you’d love to duck outside and soak your feet in the kiddie pool.  Out of frustration you may yell at him to hurry up and unplug and get outside. But this hot reaction leaves both you and him feeling tepid.  How about a way to steer the two of you into cooperation?

This summer , slow things down by first letting your child know how these types of push-pull interactions make you feel.  Tell him that when you’re frustrated it doesn’t feel good to yell in order to be “heard.”  Ask how he feels about this and propose coming up with a new way to fix this problem.  For instance, you could suggest that next time you are going to calmly walk over to him, and set your hand on his shoulder instead of yelling from across the room. Turn it back to him, asking how this plan could be made even better. By designing a strategy together in advance and following through with the plan, the school-to-summer transition will be much smoother for you and your child.  No muss, no fuss!

If you thought pulling your child away from the screen this summer sounds near impossible, remember to design your alliance together.  Spend the time upfront, before these transition tantrums ever start. The work will be front loaded, but what you’ll find is smooth sailing for the rest of your summer.  Now you can get out the door and to the pool that much faster!

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