You’ve rehearsed what the new school routine will be, answered all your child’s questions (multiple times), put a positive spin on the transition that fall time brings.  Yet, tensions are high as families make the switch from summer-mode to school-mode.  Your child may appear anxious, hyper, or kind of blue – what to do?

During this shift we’d like to recommend that you, too, shift your approach.  Rather than distracting, talking or playing just BE with your child.  Energy healing tells us that if we have calm, compassionate energy we can pass this goodness along to another person.  So just provide a simple, contact to your child’s lower back.  The touch should be contact-ful, meaning deliberate and with full touch from base of palm to tips of fingers.  When done with good intention a contact-ful touch can balance your child’s brain chemistry and relax all the butterflies residing in his head and tummy.  Watch as his breath drops lower to his belly rather than staying in his chest and notice how relaxed he becomes.

Three minutes of contact-ful touch can regulate anyone’s nerves.  Do you need it too?  Ask your partner to set a positive intention, place his/her hand on your lower back and just BE with you for three minutes.  Breathe easy.

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