The Childhood He Deserves

Sandra and Hugh knew their son didn’t have the childhood he deserves.

They used to hear stories of other thriving families and think, “I’m so happy that worked for you but I don’t see that happening for us…our child is different.”

As parents of 7-year-old Fiachra, an anxious child with Sensory Processing Disorder, they were doing all they could but needed more help.

Only 6 months ago their days were filled with frustration, fighting, and tears.  His epic meltdowns were all consuming, leaving little energy for them to focus on his two sisters or each other!

Looking back, they never thought they would be where they are today, watching Fiachra:

  • Recover easily from meltdowns
  • Confidently leave home for a 2-night field trip with peers
  • Demonstrate good listening and self-control

Mad2Glad Parent Coaching was critical for equipping Sandra and Hugh with tools to help their son get more out of life.   As Sandra said, “he deserves it and we deserve it.”

They talk about how the commitment of time and finances benefited their entire family, unlike other methods.

In fact, Sandra shares her surprise at how QUICKLY they experienced greater calm and harmony (around the 6:15 mark).

We have so much respect for families who are willing to pull back the curtain and expose the vulnerabilities of parenting…only then can we shine new light into the situation.

Sandra and Hugh are warm, intelligent parents who courageously shared their story about what wasn’t working and commit to something new – parent coaching – to create a happier life for their son and family.

If you have a similar story and are looking for step by step guidance to experience more Peace and Enjoyment let’s have a phone conversation to plot out a roadmap on what it will take to get you there.  Book here.

You don’t have to stay in tears, feeling like a failure as a parent.  We can help.


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