the first thing my kid asks for is screens

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“My kid has so many cool things they could be doing but the first thing they ask for is screens.”

Can you relate?  Does it drive you nuts?

Kids whose primary request after school is screen time might be experiencing what Dr Victoria Dunckley, M.D., author of Reset Your Child’s Brain, coined as “Electronic Screen Syndrome” (ESS).

ESS is common with intense kids because they already have a tendency to be revved up.  And their brain automatically [unconsciously] looks for things to keep them highly stimulated.

Arguing. Fighting. Negotiating.  Worrying. Crying. Screens.

The addictive quality to negative emotion and screens is real.  And, like all behaviors, there’s a super practical way to interrupt this dysfunctional pattern.

If you’re willing to look at what’s really going on beneath screen obsession and how to set healthy boundaries.  

Your kid will protest.  They’ll never agree to the new plan when you propose it.  But it’s totally worth the 1-2 weeks of discomfort. 

Tune in to my conversation with ADHD Coach, Laurie Dupar, on the neurochemical cascade that occurs with screen time and how to create an effective reduction plan.

It is possible to help your kid break their screen obsession.  You can start today — no matter how old your child is — with the tips in this interview.

You’ve got this.


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