The “stuck” mind

Young adults with Asperger’s who come to see me for Communication Coaching commonly wish to improve their social skills and perception so they can make friends and become more independent.  We explore ways to get out of repetitive thought and anxiety patterns, called perseverations, by investigating a different wisdom center – the heart or body.

Getting into the sensation of the body will help one get out of his mind/thought pattern.  Good proprioception activities for adults to balance brain-body chemistry include yoga, martial arts and mountain biking.  Moving in a conscious, concentrated way helps integrate the mind and body so the neural pattern of perseveration can be interrupted.

Research shows 20 minutes of challenging movement per day is enough to shift our chemistry and allows the brain to naturally flood the body with happy chemicals (e.g. endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine).  Join a group activity for the added benefit of social experience, which will enhance social confidence and self-esteem over time and create opportunities to make friends with people who share common interests.  A great local social group resource is the Autism Society of MN – check them out at http://www.ausm.org/

We all get stuck in our mind at times – what do you find gets you out of negative habitual thought patterns?

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