The child you would do anything for

Do you have a child on your caseload who you would do anything for?

Ever since 2004, as a new SLP grad working with children with Autism I’ve had sleepless nights where all I could think about was a child on my caseload who I would do anything for.

The specific child changed over the years but the burning fire within me never did.  You know that inner fire that keeps you awake at night, right?  

It’s a passion that compels you to have conversations with your colleagues over salads at lunch, trying to figure out how to speed up a child’s progress but realizing one of the same three problems is holding you back:

  1. You need more strategies or tools – or maybe even a new framework – to help this kiddo.  He or she is a complicated case!
  2. You can’t get parents on board.  You’ve tried to tell parents over and over what to do at home but they don’t do it. You ask yourself “Why?!”  You try to make it simpler, you encourage them that they can do it, and you change the way you communicate but still they fall back on you as the expert to “fix” their child.  So frustrating!
  3. You lack confidence.  You’re smart (you have a master’s degree for Pete’s sake!) but maybe you’re newer to the job or you don’t have your own kids – or you do have your own kids but you don’t practice what you preach – so you’re filled with doubt about trying to educate parents on positive ways to connect with their children.  

We all have these problems and for years I’ve sorted through research, experimented with strategies, and dug into parent coaching techniques to find a solution.  I was ready to give up…when finally I found it!

A missing piece of a child’s success is getting parents to understand what they need to do differently with their own behavior.

But OUR missing piece as child specialists is knowing exact scripts to communicate with parents using simple language that gets them on board and offering specific action steps that help them see quick, positive changes.

There is a parenting how-to manual for raising intense children, it’s called the Mad2Glad Blueprint.

Even better for YOU, there is a professional how-to manual for communicating with parents so they willingly change how they connect with their kids.

And it’s free!  I’m going to be releasing a special 3-part video series entitled 3 Essential Skills to Calm Challenging Behavior & Get Parents on Board.

And YOU’RE invited to access it online soon – I’m just putting on the finishing touches.

Be on the lookout because this is not the typical Mad2Glad email and I don’t want you to miss it!

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