Top 3 Ways to Build Your Preschooler’s Self-Esteem

*This guest article comes from Mad2Glad Coach-in-Training, Danielle DeRose.

It was the first week of preschool, and Lily was not only the youngest in the class, but she was also incredibly shy. When the other children would take one of her toys, she would simply stare down at her shoes and pout.

Six months later, Lily stands tall and confidently demands, “Give it back!”

If you are a parent of a preschooler, I am sure that you’re aware that this is an age of learning how to deal with emotions.

It is inevitable that at some point a preschooler will get their toy taken away or get into an argument with another child. As parents, we want our children to have the skills to advocate for themselves.

Many parents of preschoolers ask, “How can I teach my child to stand up for him/herself?”

One of the best things you can do is to build up their self-esteem.  

It is a beautiful thing to watch my students’ self-esteem blossom throughout the year.

As their self-esteem grows, their ability to advocate for themselves does too.

Top 3 Ways to Build Your Preschooler’s Self-Esteem

  1.     Praise little successes throughout the day, such as putting shoes on the correct feet or coloring inside the lines.  A little bit of praise goes a long way!
  2.     Let them catch you watching them. Take a few minutes to sit quietly and watch your preschooler play. When he/she catches you watching, he/she won’t be able to resist smiling at the undivided attention.
  3.     Personalize your praise. Every child is different, therefore every child responds best to different types of praise. Some kids love being showered with affirmations, while others might prefer a brief “wow, great job!” Experiment with different types of praise and see what type your child lights up in response to.

What would it look like if your child were overflowing with self-confidence? What would be different in his/her life, and yours?

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This guest article comes from Mad2Glad Coach-in-Training, Danielle DeRose, who is a Child Development Specialist at Neighborhood House and is a participant in the Mad2Glad Professional Certification program.  Her favorite thing about working with children is watching their eyes gleam with pride when they learn how to do something for the first time.

Meet Danielle at St David’s Center in Minnetonka, MN as she assists Samantha Moe, owner of Mad2Glad, TONIGHT at a Mindful Parenting workshop sponsored by the Autism Society of MN.  Details here.

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