Before you toss the iPad out the window, read this…

By this point, some of you have children that are already back into the school swing of things. And if your kiddos aren’t back yet, it’s probably only a matter of a week or two before you wave them goodbye as they board the school bus and head to school.

And you know what that means for you as a parent….


While I know you cherished every minute that you had with your children over the summer months, there’s nothing wrong with doing a little celebration dance as you watch them ride the bus off into the sunset…or should I say sunrise…every morning!

And although your kid may struggle with transitional anxiety, worry, or meltdowns due to change, chances are that there’s something–like seeing friends again–that will excite him or her as the new year begins.

Before we celebrate all the fun possibilities, it’s important to bring attention to a  significant downside to school starting…an increase in use of one-on-one devices like Chromebooks  or iPads for in-school learning.

That’s right. Schools are turning to the use of electronics to help educate children in the classroom. And this becomes a real problem when your kid is staring at screens all day, and then comes home and wants to unwind by watching a cartoon or playing a video game.

How do you balance at-school and at-home screen time so your kid doesn’t end up with a screen addiction?

Watch my latest video to find out…

My Electronic Usage Blueprint is designed to help you help your child manage his or her screen time so you can avoid the tantrums, meltdowns, and fights that come along with screen overuse. 

Purchase the Electronic Usage Blueprint now for only $47.  

I won’t be offering this program for such a low price for much longer, so I suggest you grab it now before the price goes up once again!

I wish you and your kids a very productive and successful beginning to the new school year!

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