Transformed Me Into Someone Happy Not Always Mad

Anne and Pepito wanted to be happy, not always mad, but they were stressed about the frequent phone calls from their 6-year-old son’s teacher and couldn’t figure out how to control his behavior at school (or home!).

Stress levels rise when children don’t listen and get mad easily.  That’s where Mad2Glad Parent Coaches can help.

We help parents understand their children and what style will help them gain cooperation and respect.

Listen to this family’s story on how they totally reversed their situation for:

  • Better school performance (zero phone calls from December through June!)
  • New ways of handling stressful situations
  • Improved relationship with classmates
  • A happy, responsible, and polite little boy
  • Stronger, better relationships with their son and 8-year-old daughter!

We have so much respect for families who are willing to pull back the curtain and expose the dark side of parenting…only then can we bring new light into the situation.

Anne and Pepito are loving, committed parents who shared the truth about what wasn’t working and the best students in learning (and implementing) new ways to handle stressful situations. Their renewed relationship with their son made it worthwhile!

If you have a similar story and are looking for help so you experience more Peace and Enjoyment let’s have a phone conversation to plot out a roadmap on what it will take to get you there.  Book here.

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