Understand Parents and Your Child [early bird enrollment thru May]

Last week, therapists, educators, and juvenile justice workers gathered throughout the Midwest for evidence-based strategies that help them (and parents) better handle children’s big emotions.

My husband always calls the last week in April my “speaking tour.”

(Check out more warm-up and recovery photos on my personal FB page here)

I zigzag from Minnesota to Wisconsin and back again, dispensing practical strategies that are effective at providing connection and calm during difficult behavior, mental health, and school situations.

I do this work because of how YOUR life changes when given plain language and evidence based strategies to better understand and confidently navigate tough situations.

If you want to go deeper and learn how to become a Certified Parent Coach, we currently have Early Bird Open Enrollment (save $250) through May 31.  Details here.

Zora, a family support specialist, shares how this training taught her to coach families through tough situations AND understand herself.

Watch Zora’s short story here.


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