Is your child driving you bonkers by demanding your constant attention?  His brain may not be in a balanced state so try this wacky sandwich game to improve his brain chemistry…

1. Tell him you’d love to try a new game with him and encourage him to grab the 8 biggest pillows he can find in order to get started.

2. Put a single layer of pillows on the floor and tell him it’s “bread.”  Have him lay on the pillows and ask what food he is (e.g. peanut butter, turkey, etc).

3. Tell him you’re going to build the biggest wacky sandwich ever (!) and ask him to label what food each layer of pillows could be.  After each layer, stretch your body on top of the pillows that are mounded on him and ask if it’s big enough yet.

4. Each time you add a new layer and lay on top of him ask him to remind you what each layer is, from the beginning, to increase the amount of time you spend laying on him.  This provides deep pressure into his whole body that will regulate his brain chemicals away from fight-or-flight (or frenetic) and  challenge/improve his memory and language organization skills.

The goal is to make the game last as long as possible.  The sensory input and undivided attention you’re providing will help him feel more organized internally and calm so that he’ll be ok playing by himself for awhile after you’re done.

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  • Nargues says:

    Thanks for your advice. My son ( an asperger) is 14 and is hypersensitive to touch- clothes- and change.
    I will try the sandwitch game with him, and wish to know more about more suitable games for his age.
    Thanks, Nargues.

    • Samantha says:

      You’re welcome. We are big fans of all games that calm the nervous system. There are many great books and articles on sensory activities to stimulate (and calm) proprioception.

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