Healing the Silent Family Struggle

By May 24, 2019 Anxiety 2 Comments
Samantha Moe on Stage

Last month, the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health invited me to speak to 600 child professionals on a personal topic for their MHed talk series.

In a moment of surprise, I responded with, “Are you sure you want me?!”

We all have those moments, right?

Fortunately, Keri, the patient and reassuring director of events, helped me process the fact that my personal story IS worth sharing.

As someone who was diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder as a teenager, I know what it feels like to silently struggle with trying to please everyone and do everything perfectly.

In my talk, I explain where my crippling anxiety came from and how we can help children and parents overcome theirs.

A better, more peaceful life is possible!

I hope you get a nugget that helps you or your child.

Watch my 18-min MHed talk here.

Description: Children are naturally vulnerable to their families’ stress levels and learn early in their lives not to talk about it.  In the family code of silence, children FEEL stress, but what we see are anger, anxiety and “acting out” behaviors. During this MHED Talk, the presenter will explore ways to begin breaking this code to help parents understand themselves and their children, and share how to create a happy, connected family.


Can you relate to the silent struggle?  I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.


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