We Can’t Get Out The Door…Our Fun Is Ruined

By January 27, 2016 Transitions No Comments

Has it ever felt like the drama of getting out the door takes the fun out of where you’re going?

When you have a child with ASD, ADHD or GT transitions can be difficult and it’s easy to become resentful over how much everyday effort it takes to keep moving along.

Resentment and frustration cloud our thinking and we sometimes think our children should make us happy, which is not true.  It’s our job as the adult to set them up for success.

Watch this week’s Mad2Glad Parenting Tip to learn how to keep calm and let go of pent-up frustration.

After you watch the video I’d love to hear from you…

…what keeps you going in those moments you want to just give up?

I know you love your child and want more peace at home.  Share a quick comment below in case it’s exactly what another like-minded parent needs to read in order to renew their same commitment.


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