We Were at the End of our Rope When We Found Samantha

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Mad2Glad Parent Coaching got us back on track as a family during a time when it felt like we were spinning out of control. We have a very strong-willed 6.5 y/o daughter with sensory & anxiety issues, along with a very easy-going 2.5 y/o. We were at the end of our rope with our spirited child when we found Samantha and agreed that if this didn’t work we were going to give up and just accept that parenting the 6 y/o was going to be miserable (only half joking). We had tried play therapy, couples counseling, occupational therapy, and a special program through Fraser for families struggling together. Nothing we tried seemed to stick, or the strategies we were given weren’t realistic to implement in real life.

Every week we had a tangible lesson and homework to focus on, one building on top of the last. It never felt overwhelming or impossible because of how Samantha breaks down her strategies into manageable pieces. Samantha’s positive feedback and encouragement during our sessions helped keep us from feeling like “we were doing it wrong” or messing up somehow. Her positive and intuitive nature was like a breath of fresh air when we felt so overwhelmed.

She worked with us tirelessly to tweak her strategies to work with our challenging child. The nice thing about the private sessions was that she listened to our whole story and introduced her strategies in the order most appropriate to our specific situation.

The other part I really liked about the private sessions is that it was wonderful for our marriage. It was similar to couples counseling, but it really got us feeling good about working as a team and taking control of our family situation and making it become something closer to what we always had thought it would be. Not to sound too dramatic, but it may have saved our marriage. Having kids has really changed our relationship and we were losing touch with why we were together to begin with. We were frustrated, exhausted, and discouraged so much of the time that we weren’t really liking each other. Don’t get me wrong- we still have those moments/days, but it feels so much more manageable now and much less hopeless.

~ Kari

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