What If You Are “Good Enough?”

Have you ever noticed that relinquishing control and saying, “GOOD ENOUGH” brings more peace?

Recently my husband and I were invited to a barbecue where our friends planned to slow-cook ribs all day long so the meat would be extra tender. They asked about my food sensitivities and catered the entire menu around my gluten-, dairy-, soy-free health requirements.

Feeling so fortunate to have friends dedicated to creating a meal that even I could enjoy I anticipated making gooey chocolate brownies from scratch. After all, the dessert tends to be extra-tedious and harder to accommodate when you’re not used to this type of lifestyle.

But you know what happened? Those two days before the BBQ my schedule suddenly got crammed full! I was so stressed out at not having the time I needed to bake my best creation that I had to take a moment and think…

What if I just bought a pre-mixed package of brownies and that was GOOD ENOUGH?

Have you ever felt that way as a parent? That you wanted to do things PERFECTLY but when it came to crunch-time you had to just let go and show up as-is?

Sometimes we forget that the greatest gift you have to offer in a relationship is yourself.

Think about this: what ONE standard are you holding yourself up to right now that you would be willing to consider taking a short-cut on?

Maybe you play with your kid for 2 minutes instead of 20.

Maybe you simply remove your daughter’s toy that she bonked her sibling on the head with instead of expending a lot of energy.

Have you ever noticed that when you do LESS you actually receive MORE?

What Too-High Standard can you let go of? 


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  • Kim Pilgrim says:

    Love the simplicity of just take the toy away. We so often lecture and hope to change the motivation behind the behavior of a young child and they are so in the will, a simple action really works the best.

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