What To Do When Parenting Is Messy

Do you ever worry others are judging you because how you parent looks messy sometimes?

Recently, I saw a mom caring for her 4 year old and infant at a coffee shop while limping around with a cast on her broken foot.  

Externally she seemed to manage everything nicely.  Not only was everyone safe and things were getting done – but everyone was dressed well and mom had her makeup on, which as you know is an extra bonus for the day!

As I helped keep her beverages from spilling she said something to me that was really surprising!  It was a judgment you might be able to relate to.  

Be sure to listen past the 2-minute mark of the video to see if you can relate. Watch now.

Do you ever notice judgment from yourself – or others – when your parenting looks messy?  We all know that feels terrible.  So I’d love to hear from you…

What judgment can you let go of to be kind during this time of transition?

Leave a comment below.

Remember, what you do matters, both inside and out so make your self-talk positive today.

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