What type of parent am I?

In the midst of your child’s rages and impulsiveness do you ever wonder, “Is it even possible to create the family life I once dreamed about?”

If you’re looking to draw out your child’s gifts but are stumped at unknotting the ribbon that holds everything securely in place you may need new tools.

We are firm believers in the power of play therapy, parenting books and pediatric chiropractic but if you’re looking for THE blueprint on how YOU can calm your kid at home  this summer you will need to know what type of parent you are.  Take this 2-minute test to find out:

 ~     ~     ~     ~     ~   “What type of parent am I?”     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

1)    When it’s time for your child to turn off the iPad and come to dinner, do you:

a. Call his name from the kitchen three times before marching in and demanding “Now!”?

b. Walk over to him, touch his shoulder and wait 20 seconds for him to join you?

c. Fluctuate between a. and b.?

2)     When your child throws a fit in the car, do you:

a. Plead with him to calm down and let him know “now isn’t the time” because you’re tired and are doing something nice by bringing him to the park?

b. Tell him if he doesn’t stop you’re going to pull the car over until he’s quiet or turn around and go home, letting him choose?

c. Warn him to stop, remind him what good behavior is, then bargain to buy ice cream at the park, which finally quiets him down?

3)    When your child interrupts you on the phone, do you?

a. Tell him interrupting won’t get attention…until he pesters you so much (even following you into different rooms of the house) that you yell, “Stop – what do you want?!”?

b. Practice saying, “I’ll be with you in 1 minute after you say ‘excuse me’” and follow through?

c. Give in by cutting your conversation short and when off the phone you scold him until he clearly feels bad and then send him to his room to be certain he understands he’s being punished?

If most of your answers were “a” then you may be a GREEN LIGHT PARENT, meaning your actions don’t always match your words the first time.  Warnings, reminders and persuasive reasoning are often ineffective and will drain your energy over time.

If most of your answers were “b” then you may be a RED LIGHT PARENT.  Using appropriate amounts of consequences and teaching are the most effective way to help your strong-willed child develop great listening skills and respect.

If most of your answers were “c” then you may be a YELLOW LIGHT PARENT, meaning sometimes your actions match your words, though you fluctuate from reasoning with your child to threatening and over-punishing, which creates confusion and limit-testing behavior.

Want to learn exactly HOW to be a red-light parent so your child calms down quicker and you regain your sanity?

Check out The Mad2Glad Blueprint – Pillar 4 is dedicated particularly to this topic of getting your child’s attention and cooperation more easily.

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