When Adoption HEART Turns to HURT

Adoptive parents typically start their journey with HEART and the purposeful sense that the child they are bringing home is a GIFT.

Imagine the self-doubt that arises when this beautiful child challenges every direction given.

Bossy, self-centered child behavior can be part of normal development; however, many adoptive parents find that their children demonstrate abnormally high IMPULSIVENESS, prenatal or birth TRAUMA side effects, and high needs to be in CONTROL.

HEART quickly turns to HURT as behaviors escalate and concerns grow for the child, the strength of the marriage, personal energy and patience.

Paula and Ron — adoptive parents of energetic, 4-year-old Joseph – did everything they knew to do from books, teachers, and health professionals but struggled to find a way to help him be grounded and focused so that he could follow directions and develop positive friendships.

Concern over their parenting style grew as they found themselves repeating and threatening without noticeable behavior improvements.

Paula shares her journey of becoming a better parent and seeing Joseph as AWESOME THE WAY HE IS.

When Paula learned exactly what was going on Joseph’s brain that was causing poor listening, impulsivity, and disconnect she finally understood who he was and stopped comparing him to other children.

She said the Mad2Glad Blueprint gave her “realistic and working tools” so they could create JOY & PEACE with their unique, special child.

Listen to Paula talk about her newfound CONFIDENCE and the progress she and Ron have made with Joseph.

What if CONFIDENCE, JOY and PEACE were possible in your family?

It truly is when you have a set of strategies designed for the Intense Brain Child.

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  • Kristine Johnson says:

    Samantha, YOU are making such a difference in the lives of others! I thank God for the day that I saw your flier somewhere in Maple Grove which inspired me to attend one of your seminars! By Divine appointment, I was in the right place at the right time, when I was whirling in a downward spiral of realizing that NOTHING was working according to traditional parenting, but had NO idea where to turn or what to do when I saw your flier. That was THE beginning of learning how to parent differently! I listen to these testimonies and EVERY time, they make me weep both in grief from the difficulty, naivety, ignorant pride, and the utter defeat I felt and in JOY because of the accomplishments I attained due to your AMAZING, INTUITIVE, GOD-GIVEN GIFT and ability to relate and counsel according to the actual NEED…trauma and the need to a DIFFERENT approach to parenting! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
    P.S. hahahahaha…now, apparently, you need to add a basic math class…I just tried to enter the answer code to submit my comments and answered incorrectly 2 times!!!!!

    • Samantha Moe says:

      Kristine, you are a gift! What a delightful comment. I remember the day you started and watching your “aha” moments as you learned what wasn’t working but, more importantly, what would actually improve CONNECTIONS with your daughter. Way to go! You rule! Proud to know you 🙂

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