When Trying To Help With Homework There’s No Winning With This Kid

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Have you ever said, “when it comes to homework there’s no winning with this kid!”?

If your child is rude, mouthy and angry at homework time you need to watch this Mad2Glad parenting video tip.

Guest expert and ADHD coach, Laurie Dupar, explains why your child explodes when it’s time for this dreaded afternoon ritual.  

She describes how poorly a child’s brain filters stimuli in the environment, how even your kind and positive reminders of “I’m here to support you” can be perceived as threatening, and why investing in a tutor doesn’t actually correct the core problem of learning how to approach homework.  Watch now.

Four Tips On How To Talk To Your Child About Homework:

  1.     Acknowledge how stressful it has been.

Say, “I know homework time has been really difficult around here and I want to do everything I can to make it better.”

  1.     Make space to listen to your child’s opinion.

Ask, “How would you describe homework time?

  1.     Ask for input on a solution.

Ask, “What do you THINK you need to make homework time better?”

  1.     Nudge your child from a place of curiosity if he says “I dunno.”

Try, “What if you guessed?”  ***Listen carefully – often there will be a nugget of truth in his response.

A child’s ability to get along with his parents is critical to his survival, biologically speaking.  If yours is resistant or defiant it means his brain is in a stressed out state so tightening the reins only makes it worse.

For more information about Laurie and her work with parents and their children with ADHD check out her website: http://www.coachingforadhd.com

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