Who Said Change was Easy?

Meaningful change is hard, especially when it involves shifting perspectives. Often, creating structure around change helps your mind enter a new space. For me, a whole week of healthy home-cooked meals is most likely to happen when I buy, chop and store my veggies in Pyrex containers on Sunday afternoon. To shift your family perspective from negative to positive it’s important to first create a reliable structure.

I suggest a morning affirmation that you post on your mirror and say aloud for a fresh start to each day. Try one of these (or make up your own):

  • I truly and deeply accept my family as we are.
  • My family is whole, healthy and complete.
  • My family expands in abundance, success and love every day as we inspire those around us to do the same.

Not a morning person? Try a gratitude journal instead. Every night before bed write at least three things you love about your family. It’s ok if night after night you write the same things, as long as they’re truly meaningful to you. Keeping success at the top of your mind shifts your perspective and allows good things to flow in without even trying.

And now you know why I have families report three successes at the beginning of every coaching session. Struggling to stay true to these affirmation structures? Access our parent coaching for the helping hand so many parents need.

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