Yes I want to live happy, but HOW?

Have you ever noticed someone who was radiating aliveness and thought, “I want that!” but then stumped by, “how do I get there???”

Three years ago I wondered the same thing as I was working with my first life coach, Laurie.  She helped me hone in on my life vision by exploring what I wanted and didn’t want.  I remember my initial proclamations.  I don’t want ridiculous amounts of paperwork!  I want a boss who implements my holistic, cutting-edge ideas!  I don’t want to sit around, bored, in an office when there’s no real work to do!

This process of answering powerful questions fueled an internal fire that burns brightly today.  It makes me laugh to remember the baby steps I took early on to align with my passion.  I hated my work “uniform” of boot black cut dress pants from Express and comfortable (but ugly) Merrell slip-on shoes.  So I swapped them out with black skinny jeans and rad (but still comfy) Vince Camuto ankle boots.

Small changes that create excitement instead of boredom add fuel to your fire until one day it can’t help but spark and explode into greatness.  For me this manifested as quitting my corporate job that caused so much apathy and launch my exciting business in March, 2011.

Are you looking for your spark?  Do you want to uncover your life vision?

To live happy you must take intentional baby steps that give you the feeling you’re looking for.  Trust the process.  Adding fuel to your inner fire will one day take spark!

I want to hear from you.  What baby step can you take today to transform boredom into joy and excitement?

With Smiles,


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