Your Child Wants Connection Not Presents

I bet you think your child wants presents this holiday season.  And partially, that is right.

However, deep down inside, what your child really wants is the same thing as you ….Peace and Enjoyment as a family.  

Right now it seems like our minds are always Full.  We’re being run ragged with appointments, homework, sports, dinner, and the bedtime routine.

Chemically speaking, a full mind means your brain and body are operating under the influence of adrenaline and cortisol.  That’s fight or flight, baby!

And how we “Very Responsible” adults react under stress is that we tend to be hurried, bossy, and rigid about what we want done and when.  So we overdo it with the ol’ Teachable Moment mindset.

In theory, the Teachable Moment mindset is what smart, loving, and committed parents have.  You know you have this mindset if you instruct your child on how to be polite, what is respectful (or disrespectful), why it’s important to do homework, and how to behave with their siblings.

However, in reality the Teachable Moment mindset can be the downfall of your entire family because you come across as the behavior police, always nagging and often misunderstanding how your child feels amidst all the hustle and bustle.

To create Peace & Enjoyment as a family we have to learn to let go of a Mind that is Full and practice Being Mindful.

Read this week’s Mad2Glad Parenting Tip for ways to Connect Mindfully.

After watching the video you may recognize your stress symptoms of a Mind that is Full, and the negative impact on the connection with your child.

It’s so important to give ourselves permission to just give children Space to be who they are and give them a break from having to be accountable to every little thing.

Give your child the gift of Connection this holiday season!  Join us THIS Friday, December 2 (6:30-8:30pm) for partner yoga, mindfulness games, and emotional communication games in St Paul.  Registration info here.

You will experience 2 hours of warm, heartfelt connection with physical and emotional bonding.  This is designed for Mothers with Daughters in grades 4-8.

We have room for 20 pairs and this pop-up event is popular so register here now.

When you connect in a Mindful way kids listen more easily, which will help you Relax this holiday season and Enjoy the time you spend together.  I hope you can join us!

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